Outdoor slide climbing

Materials and Components of Large Combination Slide
1. The material of the equipment can be steel plastic, plastic, or wood first.
2. All materials used should be non-toxic and undergo anti rust (anti-corrosion), anti-static, and UV resistant treatment.
3. Steel plastic components: Column type, support rod type, climbing type, wall thickness ≥ 2.0MM, steel pipe parts that use steel pipes should use steel pipes that meet the requirements of GB/T700-2006. Welding should be done using argon arc welding and CO2 ester electrostatic powder coating. The selection of steel pipe diameter and wall thickness should ensure the strength requirements.
Components using steel plates (Q235, thickness ≥ 2.3mm) for platforms and stairs should be cold-rolled plates that meet the requirements of GB/T700-2006. Welding should be done using argon arc welding and CO2 gas shielded welding (in accordance with GB/T8810-1995). After degreasing, phosphating, and polishing treatment, anti slip components (such as stairs, platforms, etc.) should be covered with PVC. Other components should be galvanized and then coated with outdoor environmentally friendly polyester spray coating using electrostatic powder. The thickness of the steel plate should meet the strength requirements.
4. Combination slide plastic components:
Adopting imported food grade engineering plastics for rotational molding, meeting the requirements of GB/T4454-1996, infiltrated with anti UV, anti-static, and anti discoloration elements, safe, environmentally friendly, and not prone to aging. The plastic thickness is ≥ 6mm, meeting the strength requirements.
5. Rope net category:
The rope net rope is made of maritime ship cable rope with a diameter of no less than 16mm, and the middle core is a chrome plated steel wire wrapped rubber tube (no less than 6 strands). The mesh rope is woven using a dedicated rope buckle connection, with even spacing and can be used for a long time without deformation.
6. All connection points are connected with stainless steel screws to prevent loosening and theft, and plastic caps with screws are also added. The main column is fixed on the ground with welded soles and fixed with expansion screws. It must be installed with thicker soles.