Multi-dimensional and powerful support, Dileny is your strong road to success.

Brand authorized
The headquarters provides unified trademarks, unified standards, unified image, unified clothing, unified store image and corporate VI vision system use rights to create a strong brand image and form a butterfly effect.

Quality and Safety
Strictly control the quality of products to ensure that every piece of equipment is safe and reliable. Let the children have fun, parents can rest assured that you have no trouble worrying about making money.

Innovation strength
Constantly research and develop new technologies and new products, keep up with the trend, update and replace quickly, and ensure that partners improve terminal sales performance.

Risk support
Professional shop guidance, free maintenance, equipment major recalls, free exchange policy, let you worry about.

Technical Support
Provide operational planning and operational consulting services, as well as assistance and guidance in financial management.

Advertising Strategy
The company has plans to advertise in various media: including magazines, newspapers, outdoor, television, etc., to enhance brand awareness and promote the growth of partner performance.

Regional protection
Strict national market regional division to avoid vicious competition between peers and ensure that partners enjoy the benefits of regional rich industries.

Perfect after-sales
Professional marketing management personnel make regular visits to franchisees, and provide guiding suggestions for problems arising from their operations, management, sales, etc., to help customers better manage their business.

Logistics support
The national logistics distribution system ensures that the facility can reach your designated location quickly, safely and efficiently!

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