Characteristic difference advantage management, with one enemy hundred wealth.
Set excellent and create excellent, entrepreneurial worry-free
Excellent team, international vision
With many years of professional experience, domestic and foreign excellent designers, amusement equipment R & D personnel, children's psychology research consultants, baby care and other senior teams, the introduction of foreign advanced experience, international leading, domestic leading.

Innovative design, industry leading
Dileney, originated from the United States, has many years of international background industry experience, all its projects combined with children's psychology and children's behavioral design, has an absolute advantage in the domestic industry.

American concept, kernel driver
With the American cultivation concept, we will create a training program exclusively for Dileini, and combine it with the various projects in the park. In the process of playing, we will develop American character characteristics, and it is easier to get the trust of parents and better management!

Set one hundred, one stop
1+N children's service overall solution expert, the first industry B2B2C business model, online and offline interaction to form a complete set of children's service industry chain, the whole party to meet the consumer demand for children's play interactive.
Quality equipment, professional presentation
The international children's equipment expert team developed, own 5,000 square meters of workshop water production, Sino-US dual quality standard certification, to create high-quality playground for millions of children, children to rest assured.

Scientific management, keep pace with the times
The park operation management system introduced by the original US version integrates customer management, financial system, park operation, personnel management, etc., with a set of core achievements and multiple functions to assist the store operation without worry!

Abundant experience and excellence
The Dileini brand was born in the United States. It has been rooted in China for many years. It combines American cultivation thinking with the growth of Chinese children. It has accumulated rich experience in the children's play industry. The country's 500 stores and millions of members have witnessed Dileini. Brand strength!

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