About us

About us

China New Concept Indoor Children's Paradise Brand Enterprise

Di Le Ni is a new concept indoor children's park brand enterprise in China, and the research and development, manufacturing, sales and operation services of children's play equipment.
Guangdong Di Le Ni Industrial Co., Ltd. is a global leader, artisan professional, super large-scale children's growth park complex manufacturer and service provider, focusing on children's play, entertainment industry, Di Leni ( China) has a modern factory and brand operation center of over 20,000 square meters. It integrates production, planning, design, construction, operation and investment integration. It has rooted in the Chinese market for many years and has a good reputation in the industry.Providing excellent, professional and high-end amusement equipment for Chinese children, more puzzle, happier, more scientific and more fun. Since its inception, Dileney has covered the Chinese amusement market, developing more than 500 stores in 25 provinces, and over one million members have witnessed the value of Dileney.

Excellent team, international vision

With many years of professional experience, introducing advanced foreign experience.

Innovative design, industry leader

All projects are carefully designed in conjunction with child psychology and child behavior.

American concept, kernel driver

With the American cultivation concept to create exclusive training program for Dirolep.

Quality equipment, professional presentation

Self-owned 5,000 square meters factory production-line, China-US dual quality standard certification.

One-stop service

1+N children's service overall solution expert, comprehensive one-stop content to meet the consumer demand for children's play interaction.

Scientific management, keep pace with the times

Adopting the original park management system introduced by each original, with a core set of achievements.

Experience and excellence

Dirolep has accumulated a deep experience, and millions of members have witnessed the strength of the Dileini brand.

Advanced concept

All amusement projects are independent and interrelated. They integrate puzzle growth, technology VR, all-round water education, Qizhi hand creation, and parent-child baking. They are one-stop to meet the growth of Chinese children aged 0-12 and the needs of their parents

Brand Concept

Its brand philosophy is Its brand philosophy is "to create a new way to improve the lives of Chinese children, to shape children's healthy growth, to create a healthy and happy three-dimensional growth space for children and families, so that each child can harvest health, happiness, wisdom and dreams."

Di Le Ni Children's Paradise - Let the children learn to play and grow

With the improvement of people's living standards, the development of China's children's


Di Le Ni Children's Paradise - A good project in keeping with the times

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have embarked


Di Le Ni Children's Paradise - A beautiful childhood for children

Like the generation after 80s and 90s, the impression of amusement parks is that slides, trampolines